Bringing Mad3D to life: A Short Story

            Hello Makers! My name is Jessica Stephens. My husband, Mark, and I are the owners and mad minds behind Mad3D Print Company! Mad3D was born in 2016 in Jackson, MO. We bought our first printer, a PrintrBot Play, and started printing! Starting small, we printed and worked on coffee spoon rests, necklaces, shot glasses, and custom keychains. Here we are, two years later, and all we've done is expand and grow! With a Raise3D N2 FFF workhorse we are consistently bringing ideas to life!

            "Never Stop Learning". That is what my husband said to me that drove us to keep designing and taking on new challenges. We have been blessed and fortunate enough to be surrounded by a family and a community that constantly drives us forward. Mad3D will continue to grow and contribute to the ever changing industry because of our customers and the people pushing the edges of imagination.

            This business is our life. We believe the future lies in these machines and those who are willing to dream, imagine, and improve upon everything that's been done before. 3D Printing will change the manufacturing industry into a customizable market that has a place for everyone. We're just ecstatic to be a part of that movement. With our heads and creativity together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. Contact us to bring your ideas to life and as my husband would say, "Never Stop Learning"!

Raise3D N2 FFF 3D Printer


We do a lot of research before buying our printers. The N2 was voted Best Overall Award in Make Magazine 2017. It has a build volume of 1 solid square foot. We've run prints up to 30 hours with very few problems. If you're in the market for a 3D printer and you want reliability and consistency, I highly recommend looking at all that Raise3D has to offer.